How Strong Is A Pit Bull's Bite? 5 Myths You Probably Believe - (2022)

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Have you ever wanted to get a Pit Bull but heard about how brutal their bites might be? Well, you have every right to be curious, but don’t let these rumors wan you from your decision to get your four-legged buddy.

How strong is a Pit Bull’s bite? A Pit Bull’s bite strength is around 235 pounds per square inch (PSI) which is a significantly weaker biting force than several larger dog breeds. Pit Bulls do not have the strongest bite force like some believe, nor do they have locking jaws either.

Keep reading to learn more about how strong a Pit Bull’s bite force is and the factors affecting it.


How Strong Is A Pit Bull’s Bite Force?

How Strong Is A Pit Bull's Bite? 5 Myths You Probably Believe - (1)

Dogs have always been humans’ best friends for so many years. They help people do many tasks, hunt for food, and even support them emotionally.

Having such a lovely companion comes with many perks; however, you have to choose wisely which breed would suit you well, as they come in many sizes and shapes.You can pick a ginormous dog with a gentle, loving aura for your family, or you could pick a ferocious one to protect and hunt for you.

One of the most important things you have to learn about your dog is its bite force so that you can take better care of it and be the best dog owner out there.

A Pit Bull’s bite force is around 235 pounds per square inch (PSI). The bite force of Pit Bulls is, contrary to popular belief, considerably weaker than that of numerous larger dog breeds, and it is roughly identical to that of other breeds of the same size and weight.

Although it can be challenging to measure a dog’s bite force precisely, there are many different tested ways to try and get an approximate number for each dog.

How to Measure a Dog’s Bite Force?

How Strong Is A Pit Bull's Bite? 5 Myths You Probably Believe - (2)

Before we start discussing how the measurements are made, let’s clear up some things first about the measuring units and the measuring method used.

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Measuring Units

The units used to express force or pressure are newtons and PSI. Sometimes, they are wrongly used interchangeably without taking the conversion rate into consideration, which could be what first led to some of the myths surrounding Pitbull bites.

PSI, which means pounds per square inch, is more common in America, and it is used to measure pressure at any given spot.People primarily use the PSI scale to measure pressure on the square inch of each pound.

They often use it for routine chores like measuring the pressure in car tires, but it can also be used to determine how much force a dog’s jaws can produce.

Newtons; however, are used more internationally as they are part of the International System of Units, and are used to measure the force required to accelerate one kilogram of mass at a rate of one meter per second squared in the direction of the applied force.

Both units can be converted to each other as 1 newton equals a PSI of approximately 0.22. Accordingly, depending on which part of the world you live in, a Pitbull’s bite force could be either 1,045.33 newtons or 235 PSI.

Methods to Measure Your Dog’s Bite Strength

There are four methods to try gauging a dog’s bite strength:

Geometrical AnalysisResearchers examine the dog’s skull geometrically and try to determine the maximum force the dog’s bite could apply, theoretically.
So it definitely provides useful information.
This method isn’t efficient because, in a real-world situation, a dog will almost certainly never apply the absolute maximum pressure its skull could handle.
If it did so, it would likely result in torn jaw muscles, broken teeth, or perhaps even a broken jaw.
Electrical StimulationResearchers stimulate sedated dogs’ jaws, which are scheduled for euthanasia for humane reasons, to test their jaw’s strength.This method is also faulty because the sedated dogs were not also actively trying to keep their teeth, jaws, and jaw muscles; therefore, the measured forces are likely to be impractically high.
ElectrodesResearchers place electrodes on their jaws while they chew to measure the force with which their jaw muscles contract, while they chew.Dogs surely don’t chew with their full force while eating, so the measurements are not exact.
TransducerResearchers wrap transducers, which are used to measure force, in a treat.The same cons as the electrodes method.

These methods used together could provide an approximate measurement of a dog’s bite strength, but they don’t provide an exact measurement.

Moreover, the act of biting or chewing in any living being involves using different parts of the jaw with varying forces, which complicates the whole measuring process more.

Obviously, measuring a dog’s bite strength in a practical sense is nearly impossible because we can’t simply ask a dog to do as we say and bite down as hard as it can without injuring itself.

So, we’ll have to rely on the approximate measurements these methods give us while bearing in mind that a variety of factors can influence the force with which a Pit Bull (or any dog for that matter) can bite.

What Factors Affect The Bite Force of a Pit Bull?

How Strong Is A Pit Bull's Bite? 5 Myths You Probably Believe - (3)

What exactly makes dogs’ bites as painful as they are? Well, the dog’s body weight and the size and shape of its skull are key factors that have a high likelihood of affecting the biting force.

As we’ll cover in more detail later, the size of the dog as a whole rather than its breed really gives a better indication of its biting power.

Here are some of the internal and external factors that affect a dog’s bite.

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Body Weight

The number one predictor of canine bite strength is their body weight, which is a critical factor in determining the power of the dog’s bite. All the research we’ve looked at shows no link between certain breeds and biting strength.

Size and weight can vary greatly across members of the same breed, particularly within the Pit Bull family of dogs. They can weigh as little as 30 pounds and as much as 90 pounds!So as one might expect, a small 30-pound Pit Bull’s bite strength will be much less than that of another triple her size.

Despite the fact that we previously stated that Pit Bulls have a bite force of around 235 PSI, It’s crucial to remember that this figure is, in fact, just an average and an estimate rather than a precise measurement for all Pit Bulls.

Naturally, as one would conclude, an obese Pit Bull of the same build will not have more biting strength than one of a healthy weight. Therefore, the larger the Pit Bull, the more powerful the bite. Learn more about the Pit Bull’s muscular build here.

The Structure of Their Skulls

There is a correlation between the size and shape of the skull and jaw and the bite force to some extent. However, that is only limited to dogs of medium and big stature.

That essentially means that if you were to wager on which dog would win between two of the same weight in the bite strength department, you could safely bet on the one that has the more oversized head and broader jaws.

Pit Bulls are widely known for being goofballs with wide toothy grins, which means they will, more often than not, have a stronger bite than a dog of a different breed that weighs the same but has a smaller head and narrower jaw.

Jaws and Teeth

A Pit Bull is less inclined to forcefully bite if he feels pain in his jaws or teeth when he bites down.A dog may refrain from biting with his full force due to medical concerns such as dental decay, TMJ issues, jaw muscle atrophy, and crooked teeth.

Bite Inhibition and Training

Something that can heavily influence whether a dog bites at all, and even if he does, how hard he bites, is training.

Pit Bulls who, as pups, were taught bite inhibition in training are far less prone to bite unprovoked as adults and might even display a level of awareness of the force with which they exert while biting.

Chew toys can also play a huge role in training dogs on what is okay to bite and what is not, and you can check out our guide to the best chew toys for Pit Bulls for bite inhibition training here.

Situation and Motivation

Pit Bulls are the same as humans in the sense that they will bite with as much force as they believe required in a particular situation.

For example, a person wouldn’t chew something as soft and low fuss as oatmeal as they would beef jerky with the same enthusiasm and force.

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This is one of the reasons that makes it particularly hard to assess the biting force in conscious dogs accurately. You can’t thoroughly test a dog’s full force bite without crossing ethical boundaries when he bites as hard as he can.

When a dog is threatened, provoked, or in pain in the real world, he is far more motivated to bite the threat hard than when he is calmly munching on food in the lab.

The Individual Dog

Finally, each dog has a unique temper that highly depends on the training he has undergone, especially as a young pup.

To be quite honest, some dogs are just more likely to get upset quicker than others and may respond violently even when minimally provoked.

What Are the Myths About Pit Bull’s Jaws and Bites?

How Strong Is A Pit Bull's Bite? 5 Myths You Probably Believe - (4)

There are many misconceptions about Pit Bulls that unfortunately discourage many people from adopting them and providing them with a loving home. Some of these misconceptions attack their appearance, their behavior, and even their genetics.

One of the most famous myths is about the strength of their bites. Some say that they have the strongest jaws in all dog breeds, that they “lock” their jaws when they bite, and that they are more inclined to bite or even kill than the other breeds.

Let me assure you, though, that these are all just myths, so let’s debunk them.

Pit Bulls Lock Their Jaws

This is definitely wrong as Pit Bulls’ jaws don’t have any unique feature that “locks their jaw”. They have the same jaw structure as any other dog. What differentiates between the breed’s bites is the shape and size of their jaws; even scientific studies debunk this myth.

The reason this myth may have been easy to believe is that Pit Bulls can bite and cling to the thing for what seems like an eternity, such as when playing tug-of-war. However, this is not a Pit Bull-specific trait, all dog breeds have this dedication to winning the game, and it just proves their desire to have fun!

Pit Bulls’ Bite Is the Strongest

Another myth because Mastiffs exert 552 PSI, which is the officially measured strongest bite of any dog. A Pitbull’s average bite strength is less than half of that.

To put things into perspective, here’s a list of some other living beings’ bite strengths:

  • Humans: 120 PSI
  • Sharks and Lions: 600 PSI
  • Hyenas: 1000 PSI
  • Nile Alligators: 2500 PSI

You should know by now that the bite strength doesn’t depend on a specific breed, but depends on the overall structure of it. Pit Bulls typically are a medium-sized breed, so they don’t have the strongest bite.

Pitbulls Are More Inclined To Bite

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association Animal Welfare Division (AVMA), Pit Bulls are not dangerous in an odd way compared to the other breeds.

(Video) What you Need to Know about Pit Bulls

However, they were highly reported in biting instances, but so were Spaniels, Jack Russell Terriers, and Labrador retrievers — none of which are likely to be regarded as “dangerous” breeds by the public.

Additionally, the term “Pit Bull” is usually used to describe any dog that has a muscly physique with a large head, so that leads to the misidentification of the breed and the stigma that a biting dog is a Pit Bull even if it’s not.

There are other factors that affect the occurrences of biting accidents, such as the high population of a certain dog in a single area, and so on. So, the belief that a breed has an inclination to bite more than other breeds is in fact wrong.

A Pit Bull’s Bite Is More Lethal

According to a study in Ireland, it was found that there was no substantial difference between legislated breeds (i.e Pit Bulls) and non-legislated breeds for both the type of bite caused and the medical care required.

Other studies found that breeds other than Pit Bulls are responsible for more than 70% of dog bite fatalities in humans.

The AVMA further points out that this information cannot be used to reliably prove the “dangerousness” of any breed because it would require including the total population of each breed of a dog residing in the US for each year of the study, which is not accessible.


Unfortunately, Pit Bulls’ history doesn’t give them any advantages when the topic of biting and aggression is on the table, as they were once bred to fight and guard livestock.

However, these practices are long gone and don’t affect the traits of a Pit Bull. There are more things that have a more considerable effect on them, like their training and socialization, so their old history doesn’t do much to their now lives.


Many people do not understand that breed standards and goals can alter and adapt over time.

Pit Bulls were once bred to fight, bait bulls, and hunt hogs hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, the word “Pit Bull” is almost more stigmatized than any specific breed of dog.

Fortunately, we can defend our big goofy buddies against these accusations by using science and facts.

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Related Questions

What Other Dog Breeds That Have Strong Bite Force?

  • Kangal: 743 PSI
  • Cane Corso: 700 PSI
  • Dogue de Bordeaux: 556 PSI
  • English Mastiff: 552 PSI
  • Dogo Canario: 540 PSI
  • Dogo Argentino: 500 PSI
  • American Bulldog: 305 PSI
  • English Bulldog: 210 PSI
  • German Shephard: 238 PSI
  • Dutch Shepard: 224 PSI
  • Malinois 195 PSI

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20 Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite Force

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How many pounds of force does a pitbulls jaw have? ›

Pit bulls are quite easy to train, which reduces the risk of dog bites. However, it's often overlooked that they must be taught what to do and not do, which makes them bitter. It's important to note that pit bulls have a dog's bite force of 235 PSI, which isn't the strongest bite force out there.

Which dog has the highest bite force? ›

Kangal (743 PSI):

The Kangal is the most muscular dog breed globally, with a bite force of 743 PSI. The Kangal is known for its gentle nature and strong protective instincts. The Kangal is a large, muscular dog that typically weighs between 100 and 130 pounds.

What dog has a stronger bite than a pitbull? ›

Rottweiler (328 psi)

Of the three breeds (Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds) that are most commonly suspected of having the strongest bites in the dog world, it's actually the Rottweiler that can put the most oomph behind each nibble.

How do you get a pitbull to release its bite? ›

The best way is to grab the Pitbull by its tail and pull it backwards. If the Pitbull is biting you, you can move your hand or leg inside the dog's mouth instead of pulling it out. You can also twist the dog's collar or use a break stick. It will help unlock the dog's jaw and release the bite.

Can a pitbull bite break bones? ›

Aside from causing tears and puncture wounds, the PSI of a dog's bite has the potential to break or crush bones in multiple places. These injuries can be quite serious and will take you time and therapy to recover from.

What is the toughest dog? ›

Some of the toughest dog breeds are also the hardest to train, including Rottweilers, Siberian huskies, and American pit bull terriers. What's the most aggressive dog breed? Some of the most aggressive breeds include German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and American pit bull terriers.

What breed bites the most? ›

Pit bulls were responsible for the highest percentage of reported bites across all the studies (22.5%), followed by mixed breeds (21.2%), and German shepherds (17.8%). Mixed-breed dogs and pit bulls were found to have the highest relative risk of biting, as well as the highest average damage per bite.

How strong is a human bite? ›

Compared with other mammals (like dogs, bears and big cats), humans don't have the strongest bite, at 162 lbs per square inch. However, if the skin is broken, tendons and joints may be damaged.

What dog has the strongest bite 2022? ›

1. Kangal. The Kangal has the strongest bite of any breed of dog - a hefty 743 psi. This makes them particularly good at guarding livestock from predators in their native Turkey, but the breed is also known to be a great family dog if properly trained, getting on particularly well with children.

What dog has a stronger bite force than a lion? ›

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso has a bite force of a massive 700 PSI. this PSI surpasses a lion (691 PSI) which is insane! This dog comes from Italy and is considered part of the mastiff family. Although they may be intimidating, these dogs are loyal and affectionate to their families.

Which dog has the weakest bite force? ›

10 Dog Breeds with the Least Bites
  • American Pit Bull Terrier.
  • American Staffordshire Terrier.
  • Boston Terrier.
  • Boxer.
  • English Bulldog.
  • Miniature Schnauzer.
  • Pug.
  • Standard Poodle.

Does pepper spray work on pitbulls? ›

As a side note, Pepper Spray is very effective against highly aggressive dog breeds such as Pit-bulls.

What do you do if a Pitbull attacks you? ›

If the dog does attack, "feed" it your jacket, purse, bicycle or anything you can put between yourself and the dog. If you fall or are knocked to the ground, curl into a ball with your hands over your ears and remain motionless. Try not to scream or roll around.

How do you open a dog's mouth when biting? ›

Handling Exercise: Opening Your Dog's Mouth - YouTube

Can a dog crush a human skull? ›

Tsokos et al refer that “the small size and plasticity of the infant head also means that a large dog may be able to fit a young child's cranium into its mouth, and to exert considerable crushing forces, with biting pressures of 200–400 pounds per square inch.”

Why do pitbulls shake when they bite? ›

“Evolutionarily speaking, that motion is how dogs would capture and kill their prey — by grabbing and shaking very hard,” explains Dr. Gruen. But there's no need to worry. Really!

Can a dog bite break a finger? ›

Crush injuries of the hand caused by an animal bite may or may not break the skin and may fracture the small delicate bones of the hand. Pain, bruising and swelling, and decreased range of motion may occur depending on the extent of the crush injury. Puncture wounds break the skin.

Who is no 1 dog in world? ›

The Labrador Retriever holds the top spot, and this friendly favorite has been No. 1 since 1991. Below, find ranked annual lists of AKC-recognized breeds.

Who would win in a fight pitbull or German shepherd? ›

A German Shepherd can beat a pitbull. In fact, German Shepherds have a size and weight advantage, as well as a stronger bite force. However, pitbulls are bred to be fighting dogs, so a well-trained, well-fed, and aggressive pitbull can also beat a German Shepherd.

Do dogs feel guilty after they bite? ›

Work with a vet or veterinary behaviorist to determine why your dog lashed out. This is a question I hear on a daily basis in my practice. When a dog bites its owner, there are often a gamut of feelings: shock, disbelief, anger, hurt and sometimes guilt.

Are pitbulls good with kids? ›

Pit Bulls are great with children.

Pit Bulls are a loyal, people-oriented breed that thrive as part of the family. They are affectionate with both adults and children. Note: All children should be taught how to interact with animals and should be supervised when playing with any animal.

Do Chihuahuas bite more than pit bulls? ›

Chihuahuas were the most aggressive dog, leading to plenty of personal injury claims, while Pit Bulls ranked toward the bottom of the 35-breed list.

What is the strongest bite by a human? ›

In August 1986, Richard Hofmann (b. 1949) of Lake City, Florida, USA, achieved a bite strength of 442 kg (975 lb) for approximately 2 sec in a research test using a gnathodynamometer at the College of Dentistry, University of Florida, USA.

How many pounds of force is a human bite? ›

The force of the human bite in chewing is usually given as around 70 pounds per square inch, but that figure is for the back molars; the force tapers off toward the front of the jaw, because of the shape of the lever being worked by the jaw muscles.

Is a human bite stronger than a dog? ›

To give you a comparison, humans have an average bite force of 120-140 psi, and the Nile Crocodile has a bite force of 5,000 psi. The bite force of average dogs ranges somewhere around 230-250 psi, but some have more strength.

How strong is a husky bite? ›

The Siberian husky is a wolf-like dog bred in Russia to pull sleds. Its bite force is a remarkable 320 psi even though it is not the biggest or heaviest of working dogs. A husky stands 20 to 23.5 inches high at the shoulder and weighs only between 35 and 60 pounds, but its use as a sled dog is a testament to its power.

What is the bite force of a American bully? ›

This breed isn't considered aggressive, sharing a reputation with the American Bully for being a gentle family dog. What is this? These are both Bully breeds, so we can gather that the American Bully bite force might be somewhere between 200 and 300 PSI range.

Is a pitbull stronger than a Cane Corso? ›

A Pit Bull has a bite force of 235 pounds per square inch (psi) which is more than a human bite force of 162 psi. But the Cane Corso is far stronger with a bite force of 700 psi which is higher than that of a lion!

What animal has the strongest jaw? ›

And the strongest known bite force of the entire animal kingdom is…. The Crocodile -- specifically, the Saltwater Crocodile (the highest recorded “live” bite of 3700 PSI) and the Nile Crocodile (estimated 4000-5000 PSI)!

How strong is a wolf's bite? ›

The biting capacity of a wolf is 1,500 pounds of pressure per square inch. The strength of a wolf's jaws makes it possible to bite through a moose femur in six to eight bites. In comparison, a German shepherd has a biting pressure of 750 pounds per square inch.

Which dog does not bite? ›

The Safest Dog Breeds Include Labrador Retrievers and Beagles. According to the American Kennel Club, the dog breeds listed below are the 10 least-aggressive breeds that make the best companions for families and children.

What dog has the softest bite? ›

Dog breeds known for producing more soft-mouthed individuals include Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, and Gordon Setters, but in any litter some individuals may be much less soft-mouthed than others, as there may be relatively soft-mouthed individuals in a litter of even classically ...

How painful is a Pitbull bite? ›

While a psi of 235 for the American Pitbull is strong, there are other dog breeds that have a stronger bite force. A Pitbull's bite force is 235 psi, which is a little more than a Doberman's force, and a little less than a German Shepherd's, which is 238 psi.

How much weight can a Pitbull pull? ›

Top dog in Saturday's competition went to Magnum, an American pit bull from Utah who pulled 2,850 pounds. In the 41-60-pound class, a dog named Autumn pulled the highest percentage of load to body weight, a whopping 30 percent. The official dog pull record is 5,022 pounds, pulled in 1995 by Gaitor Red.

How are pitbulls so strong? ›

American Pitbulls are incredibly strong canines (but not the strongest) with a bite force of 235 PSI. Their slightly brachycephalic heads indicate a stronger bite than those with narrower heads. Pitbulls make up the majority of breeds in weight-pulling competitions and naturally excel at the sport.

What is the bite force of a American bully? ›

This breed isn't considered aggressive, sharing a reputation with the American Bully for being a gentle family dog. What is this? These are both Bully breeds, so we can gather that the American Bully bite force might be somewhere between 200 and 300 PSI range.

Why do pitbulls shake when they bite? ›

“Evolutionarily speaking, that motion is how dogs would capture and kill their prey — by grabbing and shaking very hard,” explains Dr. Gruen. But there's no need to worry. Really!

Why would a pitbull turn on its owner? ›

Redirected aggression

"The dogs may have been thwarted in doing something, got frustrated and turned around and attacked the owner," Polsky told Live Science. Ron Berman, a dog-bite expert and certified forensic consultant, agreed that this could be a scenario in which dogs attack their owner.

What makes a pitbull aggressive? ›

Reid says many things can lead to a tendency toward aggression. That includes breeding dogs for protection, dog fighting, social status, or financial gain. Abuse, neglect, chaining, tethering, and inadequate obedience training and supervision also make the list.

Do pitbulls like to pull? ›

The Pit Bull is a powerful, muscular, low-built dog that looks like it was made to pull. In fact, Pit Bulls do love to pull. They are eager workers and love to please their people, and so pulling is an activity that they enjoy.

Can a dog pull 1000 pounds? ›

Depending on the conditions, a healthy, fit dog can likely pull about 3 times their own body weight. With proper training, dogs can easily learn to pull up to 40 times their own body weight, but some dogs in competition have pulled over 90 times their own body weight, well over 4,000 pounds.

What dog can pull a car? ›

A sled dog is a dog (featuring Siberian Husky, Alaskan husky or Alaskan Malamute) trained and used to pull a land vehicle in harness, most commonly a sled over snow.

Are Pitbulls stronger than German shepherds? ›

GSD have a more powerful biting force. The bite of a German Shepherd is stronger than that of most Pitbulls. PSI is a unit of measurement for dog bite strength, and the bite force of a pitbull is 236 PSI, while that of a German Shepherd is 240 PSI.

How fast is a pitbull? ›

Pit Bulls are one of the fastest dog breeds, running at an average speed of 25 to 30 miles an hour. The breed makes for an agile and energetic pet, so it's no surprise that TikTokers compared Martha speedy pop cultural icons like Bolt, Sonic the Hedgehog and The Flash.

Are Pitbulls actually more aggressive? ›

Pit bulls, the researchers found, were not significantly more aggressive than other breeds toward strangers and their owners. "(Pit bulls) tended to be on the high side, but there were lots of breeds that were higher," said James Serpell, one of the researchers.

What breed is the Hulk? ›

Meet Hulk, the pit bull who weighs in at over 170 pounds. And, at only 18 months old, he's still growing. Hulk has been raised by the New Hampshire based Dark Dynasty K-9's, an organization that trains pit bulls for guard and attack dog services, since he was a puppy.

What is the toughest dog? ›

Some of the toughest dog breeds are also the hardest to train, including Rottweilers, Siberian huskies, and American pit bull terriers. What's the most aggressive dog breed? Some of the most aggressive breeds include German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and American pit bull terriers.

How strong is a husky bite? ›

Siberian Husky

A Siberian husky has a bite force of 320 PSI. This is a breed loved all over the world and they are known for being annoyingly playful and energetic but in a good way! They need plenty of exercise to release their energy every day.


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