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Updated Sep 13, 2021

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Things are happening in Reno! This underrated city has traditionally been happy to be in the shadow of its flashier cousin to the south, Las Vegas, but not any longer. The city is growing fast, and nearby in Sparks, Tesla has built its Gigafactory, reportedly the largest building in the world.

Boasting more than five million visitors a year, Reno offers a wide range of entertainment and educational attractions, many of which are ideal for families. Some of the fun and unique things to do here include hot-air balloon races, bowling tournaments, car shows, and concert performances at the many large resorts here.

Reno also makes a great base if you are planning to visit the Lake Tahoe recreational area 45 minutes away, as well as Pyramid Lake to the northeast of the city. Learn more about the best places to visit with our list of the top attractions in Reno.

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1. National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection)

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Car enthusiasts will want to be sure to visit the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection). This museum – based on a private collection that originally held 1,450 vehicles – is home to some 200 vehicles and is undoubtedly one of the highlights of a visit to Reno, with everything from vintage cars right through to modern vehicles.

The museum is divided into four galleries: 1890s-1910, teens-1930s, 1930s-1950s, and the 1950s and beyond. Of special note are luxury cars once owned by stars and celebrities, including Elvis Presley's 1973 Cadillac Eldorado, Frank Sinatra's 1961 Ghia L6.4, and John Wayne's 1953 Chevrolet Corvette.

Also on display are two art collections that encompass auto-related pieces, as well as costumes and accessories. The museum offers historical lectures on the development of cars and a "Passports to Adventure" program, which helps children learn about the history of cars in the United States. Check the museum's calendar for upcoming events, activities, and exhibits.

Address: 10 South Lake Street, Reno, Nevada

Official site: https://automuseum.org/

2. Animal Ark

12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Reno, NV | PlanetWare (2)

Animal Ark, just outside Reno, is a great place for families and animal lovers. This wildlife sanctuary and its dedicated staff help non-releasable wildlife survive in a stunning rural setting. While the Ark focuses mainly on the rescue and rehabilitation of North American predators, several exotic species have found sanctuary at the Ark as well.

The animal collection is quite diverse, ranging from tortoises and cheetahs to bears and wolves. The organization hosts tens of thousands of tourists each year for educational opportunities on topics related to the rescued wildlife and the ecological principals governing their habitat.

The enclosures at the Ark are full of native trees and other vegetation, as well as boulders and materials that mimic natural habitat. For a truly memorable experience, try to plan your visit to coincide with events such as the thrilling "Cheetah Runs," when you'll have the rare opportunity to see these very fast cats dashing across the desert.

Address: 1265 Deerlodge Road, Reno, Nevada

Official site: www.animalark.org

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3. Explore the Riverwalk and Arts District

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Reno has done a great job of making the Truckee River area accessible in the heart of the city. Walking trails line the river, and bridges cross in several sections, and benches are ideally placed to allow you to rest and soak up the pleasant atmosphere.

Restaurants with sunny patios line the riverfront, and this area has a relaxed vibe, with people basking in a bit of nature right downtown. Barbara Bennet Park, Wingfield Park, and Bicentennial Park are all within easy walking distance of one another.

4. Nevada Museum of Art

12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Reno, NV | PlanetWare (4)

Considered one of the finest art museums in the state, the Nevada Museum of Art features its own unique collections and frequently hosts national and international traveling exhibitions. Of particular note in the permanent collection is the work of E.L. Wiegand and the Sierra Nevada/Great Basin works. The museum's signature exhibit is the Altered Landscape: Photographs of a Changing Environment, a photography collection focused on human interaction and interdependence with the natural world.

Be sure to look into the regular educational programming available here, too, including art classes (drawing, painting, and ceramics) and workshops aimed at children and teens. Guided tours are also available. The museum is a good cultural addition to the city and a great escape from the usual resort entertainment. It can also be rented for events and private functions.

Also worth visiting if art is your thing is the Stremmel Gallery, a contemporary art gallery showcasing paintings and sculptures from America and Europe.

Address: 160 West Liberty Street, Reno, Nevada

Official site: www.nevadaart.org

5. Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts

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Located in a beautifully designed building, the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts offers an eclectic choice of entertainment options ranging from professional opera and ballet performances to rock concerts. It's a good sized venue, capable of holding audiences of up to 1,500 people and is the largest such facility in northern Nevada, boasting an impressive 100-plus events and an annual turn-out of more than 100,000 visitors.

Highlights include performances by the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra, A.V.A. Ballet Theatre, and the perennial favorite Broadway Comes to Reno series. For those who enjoy a good laugh, be sure to check out the center's Pioneer Underground comedy shows, put on regularly by the Reno Tahoe Comedy group (these and other performance schedules can be found on the facility's website).

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Address: 100 S. Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada

Official site: http://pioneercenter.com

6. STIHL National Championship Air Races & Air Show

12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Reno, NV | PlanetWare (6)

The STIHL National Championship Air Races, also known as the Reno Air Races, are a five-decade-old September tradition that takes off from the Reno-Stead Airport just a few miles north of the city. The race features amazing multi-aircraft races over three- to eight-mile courses. Racing planes range from World War II aircraft all the way up to modern jets and everything in between, many of them home-built.

The show also features air show acrobatics and military flight demonstrations, static displays of vintage military aircraft, along with vendors and food stands (they're everywhere!). Check the website below for updated event dates and entrance fees.

Address: 14501 Mt. Anderson Street, Reno, Nevada

Official site: www.airrace.org

7. Nevada Historical Society Museum

12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Reno, NV | PlanetWare (7)

The Nevada Historical Society Museum in Reno is Nevada's oldest museum, founded in 1904, and has been going strong ever since. Some of the most interesting permanent exhibits include "Living on the Land," "Neon Nights," and "Riches of the Earth," which together provide a fascinating insight into the human habitation of the Reno area over the past 10,000 years, from the early Paleo people to the Paiute, to the coming of the Euro-Americans and events right up to the present day. The museum also hosts an impressive research library, along with a well-stocked book store.

Address: 1650 North Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada

Official site: http://nvculture.org/historicalsociety/

8. Reno Arch

12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Reno, NV | PlanetWare (8)

Currently lighting up the night sky as it towers over Virginia Street and Commercial Row in the entertainment district, the famous Reno Arch has moved about the city since its creation in 1926. Now in its third location, this iconic landmark was originally built to honor the Nevada Transcontinental Highway Exposition. After the exposition, the city fathers held a contest for a town slogan, and the phrase "The Biggest Little City in the World" was coined.

In November 2009, the City of Reno replaced the 2,076 incandescent light bulbs in the Reno Arch with energy efficient LED bulbs, the colors of which are changed regularly to coincide with special events and celebrations in the city.

9. Take a Day Trip to Lake Tahoe

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For an escape from the city, it's hard to beat the attractions of beautiful Lake Tahoe, just over an hour's drive south of Reno. Set high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy water sports and activities such as swimming, sailing, diving, and fishing.

The massive two-million-year-old freshwater lake is 22 miles long and the second deepest lake in the United States. Originally inhabited by the Washoe people, the area is now home to a number of top resorts and hotels, as well as ample boating, water skiing, mountain biking, and hiking trails. Surrounded by hills of pine trees, the water is crystal clear and is rimmed by sandy beaches in some areas. The higher altitude allows for a cooler climate, making it a pleasant destination in summer.

In the winter, Lake Tahoe ski hills bustle with skiers hitting some of the best ski resorts in California and Nevada. Some of the most awesome skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains takes place here, with famous resorts like Squaw Valley, Heavenly, and Northstar to name a few.

Mount Rose holds the title for being the closest resort to Reno. One of the best in the Lake Tahoe area, the resort is an easy 35-minute drive from Reno. You'll be on the slopes cranking up vertical in no time.

10. The Discovery and the Fleischmann Atmospherium Planetarium

12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Reno, NV | PlanetWare (10)

The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum – most commonly referred to simply as "The Discovery" – is one of Reno's newest attractions (it opened in 2012) and has made a name for itself among visitors and locals alike for its first-rate exhibits and educational programming. With its focus on the areas of technology, engineering, science, math, and art, this hi-tech science museum makes for a fascinating day of, well, discovery for young and old alike.

Highlights include numerous fun interactive, hands-on exhibits and galleries dealing with exploration and learning, including an excellent human anatomy experience that demonstrates how our bodies grow and work; a Smithsonian laboratory that deals with invention (and marketing an invention); and the "cloud climber," a fun climbing area that also teaches about clouds and rainfall.

Another science-related attraction that's well worth a visit is the Fleischmann Atmospherium Planetarium, famous for its unique design and its early adoption of 360-degree projection technology when it opened in 1963. The facility offers a variety of fun, educational shows related to the stars and planets. Another science-related attraction is the W.M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum, located at the University of Nevada and boasting one of the country's most impressive (and oldest) collections of ores, minerals, and fossils; it opened to the public in 1908.

Address: 490 S Center Street, Reno, Nevada

Official site: https://nvdm.org

11. Sparks Heritage Museum

12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Reno, NV | PlanetWare (11)

Well worth the short drive from downtown Reno, the Sparks Heritage Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the past of the city's Sparks and Truckee Meadows areas. With a mandate to preserve this rich history, the museum offers interesting displays of related artifacts and materials in its permanent indoor exhibits, along with large outdoor exhibits, including a number of railroad-related items, such as a railroad bridge built by Chinese immigrants (and an accompanying memorial), plus a steam engine and Pullman car.

For a great photo op, stand next to the giant statue of a cowboy and prospector nicknamed "Last Chance Joe." The displays and information related to the region's immigrant settlers is also worth checking out, as are the reproduction buildings and dioramas showcasing the lives of the first settlers here.

Address: 814 Victorian Ave, Sparks, Nevada

Official site: http://sparksmuseum.org

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12. National Bowling Stadium

12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Reno, NV | PlanetWare (12)

The world's largest facility dedicated to ten-pin bowling, the huge National Bowling Stadium covers an impressive 363,000 square feet in the heart of Reno – and you can't miss it, thanks to the massive 80-foot aluminum bowling ball affixed to its roof. Since it opened in 1995, this 78-lane stadium has not only attracted vast numbers of the sport's amateur enthusiasts, it's also a big draw for professionals competing in high stakes tournaments.

It's also a popular convention space, capable of hosting up to 100,000 participants, and has also been used as a backdrop for countless movies with bowling scenes. Among the best known of these are Kingpin, starring Bill Murray, and Greedy, with Kirk Douglas and Michael J. Fox.

While visiting, check out the on-site International Bowling Museum with its interesting collection of bowling-related paraphernalia, plus the Bowling Hall of Fame.

Address: 300 N Center Street, Reno, Nevada

Where to Stay in Reno for Sightseeing

As a major tourist destination, Reno offers plenty of choices when it comes to finding comfortable, clean, and reputable accommodations, whatever your budget. To help you, we recommend these centrally located hotels in Reno close to the city's top attractions.

Luxury Hotels:

  • A top pick for those seeking an affordable yet luxurious stay is the Eldorado Resort Reno. Located in the heart of the downtown area near all the action, this four-star hotel boasts a variety of spacious, well-appointed rooms and suites, nine restaurants, live entertainment, and a 5th-floor swimming pool with views over the city.
  • Also worth considering for its handy location in the city's entertainment strip, the five-star Atlantis Resort Spa boasts deluxe suites and great amenities, including eight restaurants and a world-class spa.
  • Be sure to also check availability at the chic boutique Whitney Peak Hotel, popular for its friendly staff, bright décor, rock climbing gym, valet parking, and pet-friendly policy.

Mid-Range Hotels:

  • A good choice in the mid-range accommodation bracket is the Courtyard by Marriott Reno Downtown/Riverfront. Located just steps away from the city's ballpark and Riverwalk District with its many stores and restaurants, this comfortable hotel offers good-sized rooms and amenities including dining, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a fun fire pit.
  • Another notable option includes the Peppermill Resort Spa with its mix of rooms and suites plus amenities such as a three-story spa.
  • The Grand Sierra Resort is a good choice for its great accommodations and amenities, as well as proximity to attractions such as the National Bowling Stadium.

Budget Hotels:

  • Good choices in the budget category include the Silver Legacy Resort, popular for its affordable rates, full-service spa, seasonal pool, and fitness center
  • La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Reno is a reputable budget hotel with clean rooms and an outdoor pool (breakfast included)
  • The Western Village Inn, a great option offering clean rooms and entertainment.

Tips and Tours: How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Reno

  • Free Fun in Reno: For those looking for free things to do in Reno, here are a few favorites that needn't cost a penny. Topping the list is strolling the Riverwalk and Arts District, a pleasant pedestrian zone built along a section of the Truckee River known for its great shopping, galleries, cafés, and restaurants. For a slightly different perspective of the city, head to the Hunter Creek Trail, a gentle six-mile hiking trail on the outskirts of Reno, which offers great views and a chance to get up close to a waterfall. Another adventure that's free and fun is the Truckee River Whitewater Park, a 2,600-foot-long stretch of the river with numerous man-made obstacles including drops and rapids – all you need is a kayak, canoe, or water tube.
  • Fun for Kids: For a city that's known for its adult-centric activities and attractions, Reno boasts a surprising number of fun things for kids to do. A few of the top entertainment and adventure spots for kids include Need 2 Speed, a fun and fast indoor go-kart track, which offers special races for youngsters where these nippy vehicles are programmed for reduced speeds. For those with a sweet tooth, a tour of the Kimmie Candy factory may be just the ticket (and a free one at that... with samples included). Afterwards, bounce off that sugar high at Fly High Trampoline Park; suitable for novices and pros alike, this facility also offers fun foam pits for much younger kids.

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What is the number 1 attraction in Nevada? ›

1. Las Vegas Strip. Perhaps the most well-known tourist attraction in Nevada is the Las Vegas Strip. The Strip starts at Mandalay Bay in the south and ends at the Stratosphere Casino in the north.

What is Reno Nevada best known for? ›

Reno, “The Biggest Little City in the World”, may be famous for its shining neon lights and casinos – but chancing your luck is only one of the best things to do in Reno. From rafting, pub crawling, visiting museums or catching a fly ball at a baseball game, there is more to this city than just gambling.

What is the nicest part of Reno? ›

7 Best Neighborhoods in Reno, NV
  1. Stead. The Stead neighborhood of Reno offers a suburban vibe with spacious apartments in high-rise buildings. ...
  2. Virginia Lake. Virginia Lake is situated less than 3 miles south of Downtown Reno. ...
  3. Downtown Reno. ...
  4. Kings Row. ...
  5. Virginia Foothills. ...
  6. Donner Springs. ...
  7. Midtown.
26 Jul 2021

What is the prettiest area in Nevada? ›

8 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Nevada
  1. Lake Tahoe. ...
  2. Valley of Fire State Park. ...
  3. Tonopah. ...
  4. Great Basin National Park. ...
  5. Cathedral Gorge State Park. ...
  6. Washoe Lake State Park. ...
  7. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. ...
  8. Lake Mead National Recreation Area.
7 Feb 2019

What is the best time of year to visit Nevada? ›

The best time to visit Nevada is from March and April during the spring and fall seasons. Being mostly desert, the state experiences extreme temperatures both during summer and winter. March and April in Nevada are the ideal months to take a trip to the city and explore its outdoors.

Why do people go to Reno? ›

There are many factors contributing to Nevada's growing popularity: low taxes, top jobs, natural beauty, and year-round recreation, just to name a few. New home buyers and new businesses alike are taking interest in this vibrant region of the American West and in Reno, Nevada in particular.

What is happening with Harrah's Reno? ›

Harrah's Reno permanently ceased gaming operation on March 17, 2020. After 83 years, the historic Harrah's Reno closes its doors for good. Founded by William F. “Bill” Harrah in 1937, Harrah's Reno makes history as the original casino in the Harrah's chain.

How far apart is Las Vegas and Reno? ›

It's exact 441 miles (or 709 kilometers), from Reno, Nevada to Las Vegas, as measured from downtown Reno to the Las Vegas Strip. Under normal driving conditions (i.e. no snowstorms or excessively heavy traffic), it would take you just over 7 hours to drive it.

Is Reno a good place to retire? ›

Reno's ability to provide an urban environment combined with small-town charm makes it the perfect place for retirement. With award-winning golf courses in the vicinity, a vast array of outdoor activities, and some of the best casinos nearby, Reno has everything to offer retirees.

What is the average cost of living in Reno Nevada? ›

Reno cost of living is 116.2
4 more rows

Is Reno a walkable city? ›

Reno has an average Walk Score of 40 with 225,221 residents. Reno has minimal public transportation and is somewhat bikeable. The most walkable Reno neighborhoods are Downtown, Plumas and Wells Avenue Neighborhood.

How far apart are Reno and Lake Tahoe? ›

Conveniently located just 30 minutes from downtown Reno, Lake Tahoe and all it has to offer is just a short drive, whether you want to grab lunch, see a concert or spend the day exploring hiking and biking trails. Looking to pay a visit?

Does Reno have a strip like Las Vegas? ›

Does Reno have a strip like Vegas? Eh, Reno doesn't really have a strip like Las Vegas. Reno does have a downtown area where the major casinos and hotels, like The Row RENO, tempt travelers with a great time.

What is the nicest place to live in Nevada? ›

10 Best Places To Live in Nevada
  1. Las Vegas: Party Capital of the World. ...
  2. Reno: One of the Best Places to Live in Nevada for Families. ...
  3. Boulder City: Gateway to Hoover Dam. ...
  4. Mesquite: One of the Best Places to Live in Nevada for Retirees. ...
  5. Incline Village: Lake Tahoe Living. ...
  6. Henderson: Sin City Suburb. ...
  7. Elko: The Old West.
1 Apr 2022

What's the cheapest month to go to Vegas? ›

The cheapest months to fly to Las Vegas are January, February, April, and September. Prices can be higher during March, July, and December.

How far of Adrive is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? ›

Both the North Rim and South Rim (the two rims of Grand Canyon National Park) are located over 270 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. On average, both drives take approximately four and a half hours.

Does Nevada have 4 seasons? ›

Lucky for you, traveler, what that means is there's really no such thing as a best season to visit Nevada. Any time you visit is sure to be extraordinary. Even in our deserts, there are four seasons in Nevada. Sure, there are some hot, dry desertscapes—and they're stunning.

What is the divorce capital of the United States? ›

The practice of seeking divorce in Reno dates back to the early 20th century, when the city shrewdly built lodging and entertainment steps from its courthouse, drawing a steady flow of “divorce tourists” looking to escape the East Coast press.

Where is the divorce capital of the US? ›

The divorce capital of the U.S. Spokane takes the top spot, and it's not even close as close to 16% of adults are divorced.

What is a divorce Ranch? ›

Beth Ward and her sister, Robbie McBride, grew up on what was known as a "divorce ranch" in Reno. Women who were denied the right to divorce could live in these hotels to establish residency, then file for divorce in a Nevada court.

What is replacing Harrah's in Reno? ›

CAI closed its purchase of the Harrah's properties in downtown Reno in September. The east tower, which is being renamed Reno Suites, has been used to house company workers in the past, said Chris Beavor, CAI Investments CEO.

Why is Harrah's Reno closing? ›

Harrah's Reno shut its doors in March 2020 when the pandemic forced a 78-day shutdown of Nevada gaming industry. It never reopened. The property was sold two months earlier by Caesars Entertainment and VICI Properties for $50 million to Las Vegas-based CAI Investments, a real estate development and management company.

What replaced Harrah's in Reno? ›

Say goodbye to Harrah's Reno and hello to Reno City Center. The longstanding gaming icon in the heart of downtown Reno is set to undergo a transformation as a mixed-use property after its sale to Las Vegas-based real estate group CAI Investments.

Is Lake Mead worth visiting? ›

Lakes Mead and Mohave offer some of the country's best sport fishing. Boating and water skiing are favorite activities on the broad expanses of open water, along with kayaking and canoeing. There are shaded picnic areas with tables, water, fire grills and restrooms are located throughout the area.

What city is halfway between Las Vegas and Reno? ›

The city at the geographic halfway point from Las Vegas, NV to Reno, NV is Alkali, Nevada.

How is the drive from Sacramento to Reno? ›

The distance from Sacramento to North Lake Tahoe (Incline Village) is about 119 miles and will take you about 2 hours by car without traffic or pit stops. The distance from Sacramento to Reno is about 132 miles and will take you about 2 hours and 15 minutes by car.

Is Reno safe for tourists? ›

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. Reno is not the safest city, but using common sense and looking after your things, you will remain secure. Keep valuables in the hotel safe; carry only the necessary amount of money and expensive items with you.

What are winters like in Reno Nevada? ›

During the winter, daytime temperatures average in the 40s with overnight lows below freezing. Sunny days are still plentiful but snow is often in the forecast, especially around Lake Tahoe. Because of the high elevation and number of sunny days, sunscreen is advisable even when the temperatures drop.

How much snow does Reno NV get per year? ›

Reno averages 22 inches of snow per year.

The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

Is Nevada tax friendly for retirees? ›

Nevada is extremely tax-friendly for retirees. Since Nevada does not have a state income tax, any income you receive during retirement will not be taxed at the state level. This includes income from both Social Security and retirement accounts.

What is the cheapest place to live in Nevada? ›

Real estate: 10 most affordable places to live in Nevada
  1. Spring Creek, NV. Average closing costs: $4,638.
  2. Sun Valley, NV. Average closing costs: $3,097. ...
  3. Winnemucca, NV. Average closing costs: $4,302. ...
  4. Fernley, NV. Average closing costs: $3,838. ...
  5. Elko, NV. ...
  6. North Las Vegas, NV. ...
  7. Silver Springs, NV. ...
  8. Pahrump, NV. ...
28 Jun 2016

Is food expensive in Reno? ›

While meal prices in Reno can vary, the average cost of food in Reno is $42 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Reno should cost around $17 per person.

How much is a gallon of milk in Reno Nevada? ›

Cost of Living in Reno
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle)2.28$
Water (12 oz small bottle)1.70$
Milk (regular), (1 gallon)3.64$
62 more rows

What is the average electric bill in Reno Nevada? ›

In Reno, NV, the average monthly electric bill for residential consumers is $153/month, which is calculated by multiplying the average monthly consumption by the average electric rate: 1,125 kWh * 14 ¢/kWh.

Is Las Vegas safer than Reno? ›

The city of 15K about 26 miles south of Las Vegas recorded an excellent 0.57 per 1,000 violent crime rate, along with a property crime rate less than half of the national average.
Safest Cities in Nevada, 2019.
RankCitySafety Index
4Las Vegas-0.25
4 more rows

Does it ever snow in Reno Nevada? ›

The snowy period of the year lasts for 4.5 months, from November 12 to March 29, with a sliding 31-day snowfall of at least 1.0 inches. The month with the most snow in Reno is January, with an average snowfall of 3.5 inches. The snowless period of the year lasts for 7.5 months, from March 29 to November 12.

Is Reno a hipster? ›

Reno ranked No. 18 in MoveHub.com's list of 20 hipster cities across America.

Are there shuttles from Reno to Lake Tahoe? ›

Yes! There are several shuttles available from Reno to Lake Tahoe. Whether you're looking to reach one of the area's many ski resorts, or you're simply looking to take a relaxing day trip to the lake, there is a shuttle service that can get you there.

What town is between Reno and Lake Tahoe? ›

Halfway between Reno, NV and South Lake Tahoe, CA

The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Carson Hot Springs, Nevada.

How far is Reno from South Lake Tahoe? ›

The distance from Reno to South Lake Tahoe is 42 miles.

What should I wear to Reno? ›

Although Reno doesn't have scorching temperatures, you still need to pack items to prepare for the city's 90-degree summer weather. Bring cool clothing such as sandals, tank tops, shorts, linen pants, skirts, hats with visors and sunglasses.

What is the main drag in Reno? ›

The Reno Arch is an iconic landmark in Reno, Nevada spanning Virginia Street at the intersection with Commercial Row.

Is it cheaper to go to Reno or Las Vegas? ›

Pros And Cons: Reno

Reno is much smaller than Las Vegas and a whole lot cheaper. This is perhaps its biggest benefit - cost. Once inside the Casinos, they may look somewhat similar, but on the outside, the city of Ren0-Sparks is a shadow of that of Las Vegas.

What is Las Vegas most known for? ›

Las Vegas is known for its casinos and world-class entertainment, but those are just two things to do in a city filled with attractions. On the Strip, you can take a spin on the world's largest observation wheel, the High Roller, ride on a Venetian gondola or watch the iconic Fountains of Bellagio.

Is Nevada worth visiting? ›

While this is a city you won't want to miss, Nevada is a state filled with incredible natural attractions, scenic drives, small towns, and wonderful opportunities for outdoor activities. National parks and recreation areas provide outstanding terrain for hiking, biking, climbing, horseback riding, and fishing.

What do people do in Nevada? ›

There are tons of fun activities you can do with your travel companions, such as hiking through picturesque trails, horseback riding, rock climbing, biking, taking pictures of the magnificent landscapes, camping, going on a scenic drive, discovering the various petroglyphs, and more.

Is any part of the Grand Canyon in Nevada? ›

Grand Canyon is in the northwest corner of Arizona, close to the borders of Utah and Nevada. The Colorado River, which flows through the canyon, drains water from seven states, but the feature we know as Grand Canyon is entirely in Arizona.

What kind of food is Las Vegas known for? ›

Top Vegas Dishes
  • Miso-Glazed Chilean Sea Bass with Wok Vegetables. ...
  • Maine-Style Lobster Roll. ...
  • Cannoli. ...
  • Chicken 'N' Watermelon 'N' Waffles. ...
  • Banana Cream Pie. ...
  • Lasagna. ...
  • Top 10 Restaurants. ...
  • Top 10 Things to Do.

What do you call people from Las Vegas? ›

Nevada. People who live in Nevada are called Nevadans and Nevadians.

Why is Vegas called Sin City? ›

Mobsters assimilated into the scene, bringing criminal activity with them. It wasn't long before prostitution and other shady businesses became highly prevalent. With male-focused entertainment and crime buzzing around, Las Vegas quickly earned its notorious nickname, Sin City.

What is Incline Village known for? ›

Incline Village Lake Tahoe is named for the Great Incline Tramway built by loggers in 1878. Today, Incline is home to some of Lake Tahoe's most stunning mountain retreats. This eastern North Shore enclave features some of the areas most relaxing beaches and a genteel approach to Lake life.

What is unique to Nevada? ›

Nicknamed the "Silver State", Nevada is actually the largest gold-producing state in the U.S. and fourth-largest in the world. America's largest silver deposit, the Comstock Lode, was found in Nevada in 1859.

How does Nevada make money? ›

In Nevada in fiscal year 2015, 79.1 percent of total tax revenues came from sales taxes and gross receipts. Nevada does not collect an income tax. Education accounted for 22.9 percent of state expenditures in fiscal year 2015, while 25.6 percent went to Medicaid.

What are three things Nevada is famous for? ›

Nevada is known for its desert landscapes, large casinos, and vibrant nightlife. The Silver State is also home to a variety of natural wonders, including the Valley of Fire State Park, Lake Tahoe, as well as prominent gold and silver mines. Nevada is a state with a rich history and diverse culture.

Why is Nevada famous for? ›

The Silver State is also known for its gold. Nevada is the fourth-largest producer of gold in the world and supplies about 75 percent of all gold mined in the United States. Copper and black opals are other natural resources that are commonly found in Nevada.

How far of Adrive is the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas? ›

Both the North Rim and South Rim (the two rims of Grand Canyon National Park) are located over 270 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. On average, both drives take approximately four and a half hours.

Is the West Rim or South Rim better? ›

The West Rim, with its location closest to Las Vegas, Nevada, is the warmest year-round. Summers are dry and hot, with mild spring and fall temperatures and occasional snowfall in the winter. The South Rim offers moderate temperatures in the spring, summer and fall, with snow and rain common in the winter.

How long does it take to do the Grand Canyon Skywalk? ›

You can spend as long as you like at each one. I recommend the Ranch for the meal - if you are purchasing one. At the Skywalk area, it might take a bit longer if there are many people in line to go on it. I would plan on an hour each - 3 hours - and tack on an extra hour in the event it's a busy day.

Is Grand Canyon worth visiting? ›

Being one of the seven wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon welcomes millions of visitors every single year. It is one of the number one tourist destinations worldwide, and it's an experience that will create lifelong memories for you and your family.


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